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“I want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful magazine. It compliments the uniqueness of having an Airstream. Keep up the good work. We always look forward to your next issue.” — T.P.

“Great magazine — My wife and I can’t agree on who gets to read it first. Keep up the good work.” — B.B.

“My compliments on another great issue, one of the best in my opinion. It’s full of great content. And its all beautifully done. Just wanted to let you know, again, that your superb efforts are appreciated out here in Airstream Plains.” — F.C.

“We enjoy your magazine very much! We’ve sent copies to friends, and they are now looking to buy an Airstream! Another couple who had planned to buy an Airstream in the future has now upped their expected purchase date. The mag’s enthusiasm, upbeat stories and photos is most appealing to everyone.” — J.D.

“We are just back home from an extended stay away. In the huge stack of unread mail was your Spring 2006 edition, and I have to say I think you have surpassed your usual high standard of quality. Simply a great read, in a great magazine, published by a great family.” — J & J. W.

AL is like fine wine, getting better with age. Just finished the whole of the Spring issue, and I’m very much liking the eclectic and ranging content and slant of the articles. And the grab bag of other articles and departments was a pleasure as well.” — T.B.

“Just received my latest issue of Airstream Life and wanted to say, again, how much I appreciate the good work you do.” — S.R.

“I must commend Airstream Life for bringing forth a vibrant, intelligent magazine that serves the Airstream way of life. Thank you.” — D.S.

“I would like thank you for sending your magazine to me. It is a pleasure to get the publication every quarter and I find the articles interesting, professionally written, and the graphics very professional.” — J. & D. F.

“I have received 3 different issues of Airstream Life and have very much enjoyed them. Every time I read an article I get stoked to pack up the trailer and head for the hills.” — D.B.

“I like that you don’t just write and have articles pertaining to Airstreams. The whole aluminum trailer history has been interesting to read about. And the pictures – they are so important to fully appreciate the stories. Good Job! Thanks again for an interesting, informative magazine for us who love quality time with our families in the great outdoors.” — R.B.

“Thanks for taking the time to talk on the phone today. Love the magazine. Keep up the good, no, GREAT work.” — B.W.B.

“On Tuesday I received my first edition of Airstream Life. I probably should have taken some of the time of reading to send you an email. Problem is that once I open the front cover and start reading, I can’t put it down.” — J.R.

“Your new magazine is an Airstreamer’s DREAM. I read your magazine cover to cover and look forward to the next edition.” — D.L.

“As an owner of a new Airstream Safari Bambi, let me thank you for such a great magazine! I’ve read it once and will do it again. Thanks again for a great publication designed ‘just for us’.” — T.N.

“Great presentation; graphics, print stock and photography, all outstanding. We took our time to read cover to cover and found the articles both interesting and informative.” — P.B.

“Must say the personal touch which goes along with the subscription is much appreciated. Yes, we did receive the magazine yesterday and what great reading! Congratulations on your fine publication and, in this case, a very timely one. Keep up the great work!” — S.G.

“It gets you even more fired up about the Airstream sitting in your driveway, I know it made me want to jump in and redo something, or hit the road as soon as I can!” — A.D.

“Just wanted to let you know that we rec’d our first copy of the magazine and it is everything and more that we hoped for. It is very well done and I appreciate you sending it to Canada for us. Can’t wait for the next one! — P.G.

“Every article should be of interest to every Airstream owner. Thanks for filling this cavernous void.” — M.J.

“As an Airstream owner, I always want to read more technical articles. Your magazine is a must-have for any Airstream owner. Thanks.” — P.H.

“My husband and I are Airstream wanna-bees, so this is the perfect information magazine for us. Keep up the good work.” — M.B.

“What a nice and informative magazine. I know a good magazine when I see it. We read the issues from cover to cover.” — H.B.

“Received my Airstream magazine last week and LOVE IT!! Thanks again for a great magazine” — D.R.

“Airstream Life gets the best place in our bookshelf…” — P.S.

“I just finished reading (cover to cover) my new Airstream Life, and it was awesome. Thank you!” — B.R.

“This is a great magazine so far! My husband bought a 1950s era trailer and is transforming it into a guesthouse. This magazine has given him some new ideas. Keep up the good work and we look forward to the next issue!” — C.C.

“We just bought our first Airstream, a 70’s Caravanner; we’d stopped at the Airstream dealership in Delaware and they gave us a complimentary issue of your magazine. Everytime I pick it up, I find something I missed before. We look forward to receiving the subscription.” — K.A.

“Thank you for such a informative magazine. I love it. It is so much fun. I have worked in journalism for magazines and newspapers for 25 years and your magazine is very professional.” — M.L.

“Keep up the good work. I have a friend who does not own an Airstream, but wants to and she always wants to see my Airstream Life magazine as soon as I get it.Thanks for a great publication as well.” — E.S.

“I’m so happy with your publication. Read it cover to cover in one sitting. I look forward to future issues. Thanks” — S.R.

“I’ve never seen another magazine like this one.” — J.F.

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