Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: How do I:

  • check the expiration date of my subscription,
  • change my address or put in a temporary address change
  • add Online access
  • extend my subscription?

You can do all of these things on our website quickly and easily!

If you subscribe to Print, look at the mailing label on your next Airstream Life magazine (on the plastic bag). A username and password are printed on the label. See page 5 of your most recent magazine for an example. Use that information to log in here.

If you subscribe Online only or don’t have your mailing label, you can also log in with your email address (if we have it on file) and your zip code.

If you don’t have any of those things, send us a note and we’ll help.


Q: Is an index of previously-published articles available?

Yes, please click here to download the list (PDF, 100 kb).


Q: When is Airstream Life published?

Issues are published and distributed quarterly. The Spring issue comes out in February, Summer in May, Fall in August, and Winter in November.


Q: If I add Online to my Print subscription, do I also get access to back issues I’ve already received in Print?

Yes!  Our system will automatically grant you Online access to every magazine you’ve bought in Print going back to 2010 (sorry, earlier issues are not available Online).  Note that in some cases, if you had more than one subscription, you might not see all the magazines.  If that happens, contact us and we’ll look up your subscription history and make the appropriate adjustments.


Q: Can I subscribe Online only (no print)?

Yes!  Go here and choose the Online subscription option.


Q:  Can I download Online issues to read offline?

Sorry, right now that’s not possible.  You’ll need to have an Internet connection while reading Airstream Life Online.


Q:  What if I’m an iPad subscriber using the old app?

The iPad app is being discontinued, now that we have a solution that works on all devices (iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, and laptops).  We’ll continue to support the app into 2017, but no new subscriptions or renewals are being accepted on the app.  You can switch to the new Online subscription any time.


Q: Do you have a classified section?

Sorry, no, but we do offer affordable ads for small businesses in the magazine. Check out our Marketplace advertising section.


Q: How long is the Airstream Life magazine?

Most issues current run 64 pages.  In 2005-2006 some issues were 80 pages.


Q: When will I get my first issue?

We will promptly mail the most recent issue printed. It usually arrives in 7-10 days (USA/Canada).  Thereafter you’ll be on the regular quarterly issue schedule.

Online subscribers have immediate access.


Q: Can I get back issues in Print?

Yes, you can get printed back issues while supplies last. Back issues are $8 each through our web store, with free shipping.


Q: What does it cost to subscribe in the US and Canada?

A one-year Print subscription to an address in the US or Canada is just $24. That includes 4 quarterly issues. A two-year subscription is $45.  Print subscribers can add Online access for just $6 per year.

Online-only subscriptions are $20 per year, everywhere in the world.  You get the exact same content as Print, accessible on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Subscribe now!


Q: Can you ship to subscribers out of the US?

Yes! Canadians can use our regular subscription form. Please make checks payable in US dollars on a US bank, or use a Money Order or Credit Card. Payments made in Canadian dollars will be adjusted to US dollars and your subscription will be pro-rated accordingly.

For western European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, China, South Korea, Israel, and Mexico, a one-year subscription is US$46 for airmail.

For other countries, please inquire or check out our Online subscription.


Q: Where’s my Print copy? Everyone else has theirs already!

Periodicals like Airstream Life get handled differently by the post office than First Class mail. It will take up to three weeks for your issue to arrive, from the day it is mailed. We don’t have any control over this, unfortunately. Please be patient, but if it has been over three weeks since mailing, use our contact form to request a replacement copy.


Q: Is Airstream Life available in bookstores or other outlets?

No, the best way to get the magazine is to subscribe to the Print or Online edition.


Q: Can I subscribe by mail rather than through this website?

Sure! Just print out the form here and mail it with a check to: Airstream Life, 411 Walnut St #4468, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043.


Q: Can I get a sample issue?

Yes, you can browse a full issue online, by clicking here.

Or, take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee! Subscribe now  and if you don’t think Airstream Life is a great magazine, just cancel before the second issue is distributed, and get a full refund. That’s our guarantee to every new subscriber!


Q: My other magazines are often damaged in the mail. How do you prevent this?

Each issue of Airstream Life is wrapped in a plastic bag (polybag) to prevent damage in the mail. If your issue arrives damaged, just contact us and we’ll send a replacement copy free.


Q: Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

YES, absolutely! If you subscribe and then decide Airstream Life is not for you after you’ve read the first issue, just contact us and we will refund 100% of your subscription price. No hassles. If you cancel after the second issue, we will refund a pro-rated portion of your subscription price.


Q: I’d like to submit an article or a photo.  How do I do this?

If you want to send a note to the editor or a single photo, click here for info.

If you want to write an article, take a look at our Writer’s Guidelines and follow the instructions. We pay for articles and some photos published in the magazine, and are constantly reviewing article proposals from both experienced professionals and talented amateurs!


Q: Do you accept press releases?

Press releases from companies and organizations serving the Airstream owner community are welcome. We won’t print them but we might use them as the basis for an article. Those most likely to be selected for inclusion in the magazine will have significant and direct relevance to the Airstream user community. Examples include interesting commercial uses of Airstreams for promotion, unique new products, and news about destinations suitable for Airstreams.

Press releases announcing staff changes, corporate-level activity, pricing or sales, etc., are not suitable. To submit a press release, either use our contact form or mail it in (see contact page).


Q: Does Airstream, Inc. publish or own the magazine? Is Airstream Life editorially independent?

Airstream Life is 100% owned and published by Church Street Publishing, Inc., an independent publisher. Certain trademarks and images are licensed from Airstream, Inc., and Airstream provides us with information from time to time, including advance notice of new products and exclusive access to the factory staff. However, all editorial content is the responsibility of Church Street Publishing, Inc. The name “Airstream” and other trademarks are used with permission.