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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gearing Up

Although we are in a temporary hiatus, Vintage Thunder's travels are far from over. In the next week or two, we'll move over to the New York side of Lake Champlain for a few tweaks at GSM Vehicles. While Colin's team are addressing some of the heavier issues for us (front belly pan replacement, black tank dump valve replacement), I'll be inside the trailer taking care of some minor annoyances.

In the Argosy trailers, it is apparently common to find the hinges on the cabinets coming loose. They are riveted on, but eventually the wear of opening and closing causes the rivets to work loose. When this happens, the door doesn't hang straight, and the latch doesn't meet up properly. The ultimate result is that the doors come open every time you tow.

The fix is straightforward: add new rivets to the hinges, and then re-set the latches as needed. It's the basic "drill-rivet-drill-rivet" routine that I've become so familiar with during this process. I guess it's good that we are down to this level of minor repair -- we must be nearly done! But I haven't done it only because I haven't wanted to make a big mess of shavings in the trailer while we are full-timing in it. The visit to GSM Vehicles will make a perfect opportunity to deal with stuff like this, since we'll have to vacate the trailer for a couple of days anyway.

Our next upcoming trip is the Region One Rally in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. It's only 180 miles from here, which these days is a laughably short tow for us. They say Trois-Rivieres features the world's largest swimming pool. I have no idea what that means in practical terms, but we always travel with swim suits, snorkels, fins, and an assortment of beach and pool toys, so whatever -- we'll be prepared.

Departure date for that trip is August 22 or 23, depending on whether we feel like camping along the way. I'll have to pull the atlas and see what we might do between here and there. Perhaps Vermont's "Northeast Kingdom"?