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Friday, April 29, 2005


I went over to Plattsburgh to work on the trailer on Thursday -- or at least I tried to. I was heading out the door at 7:15 when the trucking company called to say they were delivering 30 boxes of magazines. So I hung around to receive the shipment, and one thing after another conspired to keep me from getting on the road until after lunch.

By the time I got to Plattsburgh the weather was changing from sunny and 60 to gray, windy, spitting rain and low 50s. There wasn't much opportunity to finish the weatherstripping, install the Internet antenna, or much of anything else outside the trailer. Another Argosy owner, Peter Grote, was there too, so we talked aluminum most of the afternoon and got a few small things done. I dropped off some extra fuzzy seal for the windows, some black rub insert for the lower rub rail, and explained how the wireless Internet system gets installed. Not a highly productive day, unfortunately.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Battery box fix

Well, we were not happy with the price of a new battery box ... so Colin came up with the idea of fiberglassing the one we had. This would give us a box that was stronger than the original. Today his crew removed the old box (which requires removal of the exterior battery box door), and glassed it up.

This will allow us to replace the wood floor below the battery box, which was a bit smelly due to the rat who used to live nearby. I had taped it up temporarily to prevent odors in the trailer during our last trip, but this repair will be permanent.

I'm headed over to Plattsburgh myself tomorrow to do a little grunt work (replacing belly pan rivets, tightening screws, drilling holes, etc) and supervise the installation of the Internet-in-Motion system. I'll shoot some pics then and post them here and on the photo site.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Off to eBay!

Here's your chance to own a piece of Vintage Thunder!

Brett has posted half a dozen auctions, with good parts taken from V.T. during the renovation. He's also listed the brand-new International CCD propane tank cover that we bought but decided not to use. It's in perfect condition, direct from Airstream.

If you want to check out the auctions, here are the URLs:

CCD Propane Tank Cover

Spice Shelf

Magazine Rack

Vintage Light Fixture

Bargman Door Lock

Flip-up Shelf