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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Today was a Fantastic Day

I needed to get started at the top trying to seal leaks. When it rains outside, it rains inside. Not a good thing. I installed the two new Fantastic Fans today. The old ones came off the normal way once I scraped off the 10 Lbs of sealant that had been slathered on. I also decided to remove the TV antenna. I know it leaks, I have seen the water drip off it. Removing the old inner Skyliner handle was the hardest part. Once I got the handle off, I went on the roof to remove screws/rivets. I really did not need any tools to remove the exterior part as it lifted right off by hand! I just plated over the hole as we are going to relocate the antenna in the future. End result for the day, 3 leaks sealed, right?

3.5 hours

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Same demo, different day

Time to pull the refrigerator. It works, but I would not want to eat anything that had been stored in it. I also pulled the enclosure that was around the refer. We plan to replace it with a larger unit so the cabinet over the refer is to be removed as well. There is some floor rot behind the refer. Hard to tell if it is a leak from above, or from moisture below. This trailer is of the vintage that the refer draws air from under the coach for its cooling. The floor in the front is actually dry. I can now use the shop vac to see how bad the floor really is. I am going to have to cut out more than I thought………….

3 hours