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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Demo, when will it be done?

Removed all of the insulation from the sections I opened up. The moisture and rotten stuff has got to go. Once I removed the insulation and cleaned out the U channel I see that the floor is held to the U channel with wood screws? There are 3 spots where the channel is held to the frame. At the base of the first rib (rib 0) on either side, and in the center of the front. The curved sections do lie on outriggers, but they really just float…….
Started sealing leaks. Sealed the top of the front windows and the stile between the center and wing sections. I am hoping that starts making this a watertight unit aging.

1.75 hours

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Saga begins

First big day of demo!

Today I removed the dinette, water tank, water pump, front center inner skin and the two front corner inner skins as well. I located the breaker panel that is between the coach and the wiring pigtail. It was buried under the dinette. This would be a bear to work on if you did not know where it is. I disconnected all the wires and took the breaker panel off; I had to in order to removed the inner panel.

Based on the excessive amount of floor rot in the front the entire front section will need to be replaced. I am hopeful that there will be enough of the floor for me to use it as a template. I need to let it all dry up so I can clean it out with the shop vac.

3.5 hours