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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Storing and sanitizing

Last night was our last night ever in Vintage Thunder.

We took most of Friday off, heading down to Dayton to pick up Adam & Susan (who had flown in the night before), and we all went to the USAF Museum for a few hours -- which was great. After getting back to Jackson Center, we started moving into the Safari and by 10 pm we had probably half our stuff moved over & stowed.

As I mentioned, the tough part is finding where things should go. We'll be making another trip off to buy bins and storage solutions today. When packing a travel trailer, plastic bins are your friends! They are incredibly useful, in all sorts of sizes. We use everything from little "pencil boxes" (designed for a kid's art supplies but ideal for storing office items) to a large tub. Soft padded cases are great, too, for things like the laptops, binoculars, and cameras. The trick is to try to pack things and see if you can use an organizer or storage bin, and then get busy with the measuring tape and a notepad to record the perfect size and shape.

In addition to packing, I'll be sanitizing the fresh water system. This is really easy. I'm amazed how often I find people who would rather drink bottled water than use their own built-in fresh water system. Just fill the fresh tank and add 0.13 ounces of bleach per gallon of capacity. Run all the taps (including showerhead) until you can smell the bleach at each tap, then let it sit for 4 hours. Then dump all the water in the tank and flush the lines (it helps to be connected to a full-hookup site when you do this), re-fill with fresh water, and you're done. Optionally, a little white vinegar or a few Vitamin C tablets dropped in the tank helps remove any residual bleach taste. We do this procedure twice a year.


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