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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Still tweaking, right down to the wire!

The weather certainly hasn't improved much here, but we are making terrific progress on "taking over" the Safari 30. About 80% of our stuff is in place, and the rest is mostly food. (Yes, we travel with a lot of food -- Eleanor is a serious cook.) She's packing it right now, and I expect that effort to take half the day.

Last night we capped off the evening with another thrilling trip to Wally Mart, for a final selection of bins plus some sheet sets. I got orange sheets for the master bedroom. Love 'em! They add some desperately needed color to the completely neutral interior of the Safari. Emma got sage green sheets, which also look very nice.

I also got a memory foam topper for the mattress. We needed it -- the standard mattress is pretty firm, like a lightly padded sheet of plywood. But this topper absolutely reeks! A little slip of paper in the box said, "New memory foam may have a slight odor ..." Yeah, like rotten eggs may have a slight odor. It was so horrible we left it out all night to air. Still stinks today. The same optimistic slip of paper tells us the "slight odor" may persist for "several days". I'm thinking that's code for "a month or two." If it doesn't smell better by tomorrow, it's going back to Wally -- or into an exterior storage compartment.

We'll spend the rest of this morning packing and then around 2 pm we need to head out to a party. This evening I guess we'll get back around 7 pm and start cleaning up inside Vintage Thunder. That's a lot less time than we had planned for, but it should clean up pretty easily with everything out.

I've got to do two last repairs on V.T. before I let it go to the new buyer tomorrow morning:

1) The floor plate that holds the dinette table leg, has cracked. They make those things out of cheap thin metal. I bought another one while were at Camping World in New York. It just screws into place, so it's an easy fix. But I've warned V.T.'s new owner about this issue and suggested that the dinette mounting may need to be re-engineered.

2) The water pump is still noisy. I think the back of it is touching a copper water pipe and transmitting noise. I'm going to re-mount it forward a half-inch and add some extra padding under the feet as well. This is easy too, except that all the work has to be done under the confines of the kitchen cabinet.

My guess is that all this work will be done early Monday morning. Let's hope I can be done before 10:30, when the new owner arrives. Otherwise, he is going to start his vintage ownership with a quick repair lesson!


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