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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Prepping for the Final Trip

Uh, by the headline I don't mean "final trip" as in a trip across the River Styx, but just the last trip of the Project Vintage Thunder blog. Don't get worried.

We had some technical problems with the blog this week, which caused the blog to revert to our September 1 posting. I finally got a chance to get online and fix it today. Just another one of those Internet glitches. It had to do with our recent switchover to a new web host, which is part of the necessary preparation for the upcoming Tour of America.

I'm posting this from Florida, where I flew down to attend an unofficial rally being held by some friends. We revisited the Sunshine Skyway, where you might recall Vintage Thunder spent a night last March (see blog archives for pictures and details), and Fort Desoto -- a favorite camping spot.

We've got less than a week to prepare for the trip to Jackson Center. Many things to do, so I'll hit the ground running when I get home tomorrow. Vintage Thunder is nearly ready. On Wednesday I ran around town doing a few errands to complete our prep.

One thing still on the glitch list was the battery box lock. The metal tongue on the lock was a bit short, so occasionally the battery box door would fall open. I rigged up a temporary fix with a piece of a plastic knife and some blue tape, when we were on the road to Missouri, and it worked, but obviously wasn't too professional. A visit to the locksmith gave us a better fix, and while I was at it I had the lock re-keyed so now the battery box and the water fill can be opened with one key. Fewer keys on the keyring is always a good thing...

I'll post a few more entries in the next two weeks. I've got another minor fix to do on the front window gasket, which I plan to document this week. Then we'll post from the road.


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