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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hints of the NEXT Tour!

Many of you know that the travels of Project Vintage Thunder are nearly over, at least as documented in this blog. The new owner of our Argosy 24 will take delivery in October when we are in Jackson Center, but that doesn't mean the end of our travels.

Starting in October, we will be embarking on a new travel experience, this time in a 2006 Airstream Safari 30. We plan to be on the road for six months or more, crossing the United States from border to border. There will be blog entries and essays, and some other little surprises that will be revealed in October when the new website is up.

The experience will be quite a bit different. With Vintage Thunder we've mostly traveled rapidly from rally to rally, fixing and replacing things on the trailer in between trips. On the new tour, we'll have a factory-fresh trailer to play with, so our focus will be upgrading and personalizing the "stock" design to meet our needs. In this way, I hope you'll get ideas of what you might like to do with your trailer, whether modern or vintage.

We'll also travel differently. One of the goals of this trip will be to see America in a way that is only possible when you travel by Airstream. Instead of rally-hopping, we'll settle into local communities and spend 2-3 weeks in each location, exploring the area in a series of day trips. Then we'll report back to you on the best experiences.

We're not retirees, so we don't have unlimited time, and we do have plenty of obligations (work and family). So a second goal will be to document how people with real-world obligations can still enjoy the adventure of Airstreaming, even if you only have a short bit of time. We'll talk about the big and small pleasures of travel, as well as the problems we've faced and how we've overcome them.

And a third important goal is to show non-Airstreamers -- people who might now be traveling in a white box RV, or who are tired of airplanes & hotels, or who are "just dreaming" -- that they can do it too. There really is an aspect of traveling that is unique to Airstream owners.

Finally, there's a importance of adventure. All too often RV travel (as depicted by the RV industry) has all the excitement of a night at the Howard Johnson's: homogenized experiences provided by "destination RV parks" that are basically cookie-cutter motels without rooms. The result is that we end up traveling to "see something different" or to "get away from it all", but the swimming pool, the McDonald's, the campsite, and the gift shop are all the same.

To really experience America, one has to be prepared to take a few small risks. To meet someone unusual and new, you must take the risk of chatting with a bizarre local who offends you. To enjoy a strange new local food, you must occasionally risk tasting something bitter or slimy. To learn something about Native American culture, you might have to risk a rock-strewn hike down a canyon. To hear the animals at night, you might have to turn off your generator and sweat a little bit.

Adventure is not something you can generally get while following the safest, easiest, and most heavily-trodden path. That's why we won't be attending many rallies on this tour. Rallies are pleasant experiences in their own right, but also they're mostly the same. The ones we do attend will hopefully offer at least a bit of local flair.

On the next Tour, we'll seek out the little adventures and experiences that define each place we visit, and bring them all to you for your consideration. And just as importantly, we hope that you'll bring us ideas of great places to stop too. The new Tour website will have a place where you can write back, and even talk with other folks who are following the blog.

There will be further announcements here about the Tour and our plans shortly. In the meantime, if you have suggestions of any type, put a comment on this blog, or use the "Contact Us" form at


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