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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Region 1 Rally, Day Three

As is always the case with these rallies, there's more going on each day than I can remember by bedtime. So many people to talk to, so much going on, so many parties! And at this rally, perfect weather.

We're all camping on asphalt, which makes it seem a bit like a night at Wal-Mart, but after the initial surprise one doesn't notice it anymore. (Usually we're on grass at rallies.) The nice thing about the asphalt is that you don't have to worry about mud or ticks. The downside is that it seems hotter than it really is.

Earlier today, while the kids were all at the beach, I got up on the roof of the nearby Fairgrounds building and shot the official rally photo. Copies were distributed to everyone. Here's an out-take from that photo shoot.

Each evening I've been running the clearance lights, using the little trick I described last week. It's been fun, and it gets a lot of people over to ask where I got the LEDs. (


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