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Monday, August 22, 2005

Fun project

Here's a fun accessory for your Airstream, and it only costs a few dollars. You can have your clearance lights stay on when you are parked, which looks pretty cool at night. Since we put LED clearance lights on Vintage Thunder, I love to show them off.

First, buy a Bargman "car end" 7-way plug (or the appropriate plug for your vintage).

Then check the Airstream website for diagrams by model year. See

You might find that your trailer has been updated to the modern 7-way plug, as Vintage Thunder has. In that case, you want to download this diagram:

Solder or wire on a jumper between the 12v power lead and the clearance light lead on the new connector. On most trailers, the 12v power is "black" and the clearance lights are "green". There won't be colored wires in the Bargman connector but you may see the color names embossed on the connector itself.

That's it! Just plug it into your trailer end cord as shown here, and if you've got the right connections, the clearance lights will come on. If you want to be really wild, you can even wire in an automotive flasher to make the lights blink.

We'll be bringing this to the rally in Quebec this week, just to light up the trailer for a couple of hours every evening.


At 10:18 PM, Airstream Forums:Westfalia said...

That is a great idea, and I made this mod for my 19' Bambi CCD. The LED taillights look nice! Of course, I don't have LEDs (yet) for the marker lights, so I run the risk of killing my batteries.

One thing, you might want to put a fuse inline. Any short, and you run the risk of melting the main harness.


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