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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Final Final Work Session

Well, we got it done and we're back "home" in Panton VT.

Pat painted the tongue in the early afternoon. The first topcoat I installed back in March failed utterly, and peeled off. Turns out that I waited too long after putting the POR-15 undercoat on. If you don't topcoat the POR-15 within 24 hours, it sets up so hard and smooth that the topcoat paint can't "bite" into it. I can vouch for that.

So Pat sanded what was left of the topcoat off, and that left a gritty surface of POR-15 for his Rustoleum topcoat to adhere to. But the stuff took hours to set up (it was still a bit soft when we hitched up to go home after 6:30 pm). Pat says the longer it takes to set up, usually the better it is.

We adjusted the cabinet doors that were coming open in transit. The rivets holding these Argosy hinges in place tend to work loose. Then the hinge itself starts to get bent out of shape. Colin removed three doors, straightened the hinges, and riveted them back. I also re-riveted a few of the little plastic tabs that the door latches lock to. When those rivets come loose, the latches don't engage properly.

I finished grinding the last of the old door seal and screen door weatherstripping off, and attached new seals. The entry door now closes with a firm push, rather than shutting with virtually no effort as before. But that means the seal is working properly.

We also took the opportunity to do some deep cleaning in the corners. 8000 miles of towing generates a bit of dust, sawdust, and aluminum oxide (black dust). Some hands-and-knees time is required to get it all out.

And finally, we may have a stowaway. On Tuesday night we heard the unmistakeable rustling of a mouse. I don't know if the mouse dropped in for a visit and has since left, or if he's still here somewhere.

If he has come along for the ride back from New York, he is a doomed mouse. Hopefully, for his sake and mine (since I'm the guy who has to dispose of mice caught in traps), he decided to stay at home in Plattsburgh. I like pets, but not in my Argosy ...


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