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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Last Day in Jackson Center

We're on our way back, slowly. Saturday afternoon was such a blur of activity that I can't even remember all the stuff we did, all the people we talked to, etc. I do recall that we spent most of the early part of the afternoon interviewing people, Alex and Charon the sword swallowers dropped by, and I think we spent the rest of the day just sweating. It was hot & humid!

Last night Brett and David Winick disappeared in downtown JC, I think checking out the classic car exhibit that blocked off most of Pike Street, and hunting for good bratwurst. I cooled off in Vintage Thunder's shower and then walked over to the "drive-in" movie that Airstream was screening on the outside of the assembly building. (The movie was "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage -- not bad.) We finally wrapped up around 12:30 a.m. and got started again this morning at 7:30.

It started off pretty warm today, so we ran both of the Fantastic Vents on high and for the first time we opened all of the Argosy's windows. The awning was put to good use, too. Winick dropped by for a final chat, as did Dave Schumann, Tim Champ, Fred Coldwell, and a few others. Here's a picture of me getting a bit of work done under the shade of our new awning with Fred visiting in the background.

Later in the morning, we hit the "gospel brunch" under the big tent (which was really just bluegrass music and quite good), and then caught up on work on the dinette for a couple of hours, while the mercury rose to 94.

About 6 pm we hit the road to our next destination, Lapeer MI, where we will courtesy park at Carol Baidinger's (Photo Editor) for a couple of nights while meeting up with Airstream Life contributor Roger Johnson ("eBay Watch"). Along the way, we heard about a severe thunderstorm watch so we took the opportunity to fire up the Internet In Motion system. With that running, Eleanor has been able to check the NOAA weather radar on the web every few minutes and watch the progress of the thunderstorms. Pretty cool!

Right before the thunderstorm line was set to hit us, we exited the highway and stopped for dinner. Just in time, too. A huge gust front preceding the thunderstorms slammed us at the gas station, swirling dust everywhere. I parked the Argosy in the lee of a gas station so the winds hopefully won't tip the trailer over. Carol's Classic 25 is parked right behind us.

We're sitting in the restaurant now, watching the rain start through the windows, and using the wireless Internet In Motion signal being broadcast from Vintage Thunder to post this blog. I just love this thing ...

We'll pull in tonight pretty late, so I'll post an update tomorrow sometime.


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