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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jackson Center, Day Two

It was a quiet day here in Jackson Center. The weather has gone downhill, with overcast skies, wind, and temperatures only in the low 60s. I think a lot of people hibernated in their trailers, because there was not a lot of visible foot traffic much of the day (except at mealtimes).

Still, there was plenty to do: factory tour, showing people Vintage Thunder, and visiting with Airstream staff. Jim Burns, the Art Director for Airstream Life, was here for his first time. Henry Spilko of Axis Products spent most of the day with us, as well as Fred Coldwell. We received badges from Brett via mail today, which say "I saw Vintage Thunder", and we handed out a lot of those. We're thinking about having a t-shirt made for people who give us courtesy parking, too.

We also hunted around for hints of new products. I found a new Quicksilver Limited Edition sitting in the parking lot among the new trailers, and spotted several Safari Special Editions on the production line, as well as some of the last gas low-profile Land Yachts to be produced (it's being discontinued this year). The 2006 model year changeover is in full swing and all the staff in Engineering and Production are busy with that.

We couldn't use the new awning because of the wind. There was always a threat that a thunderstorm would show up, but since there was no sun most of the day we didn't need the awning anyway. By dinnertime, right after Dicky Riegel told the assembled crowd that they should all subscribe to Airstream Life, I gave up on the hope that the temperatures would rise and went back to the trailer to get warmer clothes.

More friends arrived tonight, so the evening is lively despite the cool and humid weather. There's a bit of a wine and cheese party going on at Hunter Hampton's trailer, I can hear them attempting karaoke in the big tent, and lots of people are standing outside chatting, even at 10 pm. The karaoke is scheduled to go to midnight unfortunately. I think we'll be sleeping with the windows and vents closed tonight.


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