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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Frankenmuth MI

It's one little adventure after another in an Airstream. Today I spent a few hours in the pleasant company of Roger Johnson, who writes "eBay Watch" for the magazine. Roger is parting out a very beat '68 Ambassador only about 25 miles from where we are courtesy parking.

Three hours of drilling in the sun later, I had two curved roof segments, a couple of Airstream nameplates, and a big sunburn to show for my effort. It wasn't really worth the trip just for the parts, but meeting Roger in person (for the first time) made it worthwhile. He's another example of an interesting person I would never have met if it weren't for our common interest in Airstreams.

Later, Carol, Eleanor, and Emma joined up and we headed off to the quaint tourist town of Frankenmuth. Imagine the Germany portion of EPCOT Center dropped in Michigan, if you can. Shopping, restaurants, a pastel pedestrian bridge, a paddle-wheel boat tour, and all the chicken you can eat, with fudge for dessert. It's "South of the Border" with class. Don't miss the extremely kitschy tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, as enacted by the big clock at the Bavarian Inn.

The heat (90s again) kept the rest of the tourists away, so we were able to wander the park-like setting virtually alone. Frankenmuth has nightly laser shows, but with the sun setting so late this time of year, the show didn't start until 10 pm. We bailed out before then and headed back to Lapeer, where Emma caught a toad in the driveway and everyone played flashlight tag until 11 pm. Summer is great, isn't it?


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