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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Darien, NY

The Baidingers' courtesy parking gets 5 stars on our rating scheme, same as the Bakers' and the Woodruffs'. Why? Well, they are great people who provided us with much more than just a spot to park. And the breakfast she laid out for us today, complete with silver service and white tablecloth, had something to do with it, too!

I should mention that normally courtesy parking extends to a spot to park and perhaps a water or electric hookup. Hosts are under no obligation to provide more, but often they do! And when they do, well, how can you say "no" to a nice meal with the family? :-) It's hard not to make new friends when they roll out the red carpet for you like that.

After an enormous brunch with Carol, we packed up and headed out across Ontario, from Port Huron MI to Buffalo NY. A stop at the Bluewater Bridge (crossing from Pt Huron to Sarnia) was well worth the time. The Bluewater Bridge is actually two bridges, one built in 1937 and a parallel span built in 1997.

The water is so clear and gorgeous that it gives the bridge its name. I could not stop taking photographs -- it was like the Caribbean. Just as I was thinking, "This would be a cool spot to snorkel," we met up with a pair of fellows who were doing just that. The water was a bracing 55 degrees, but they were diving in and swimming around (briefly) in nothing more than swimsuits.

The drive through Ontario is flat and relatively featureless, and this time we decided not to stop much, since we need to get back home this week. It's a pretty easy drive, about 4-5 hours end to end. Tonight we are in Darien Lakes State Park in western NY, just crashing for the night before we hit the road again.

Vintage Thunder has performed well on this trip. There have been no glitches since my posting a week ago about the mystery leak. Someone cut us off viciously on the highway today, and I was forced to swerve in response, but the rig remained stable and it turned out to be a non-event.

Tonight, we have cranked up the air conditioning for the first time. (I wish we could have used it in Jackson Center.) The trailer was about 90 degrees inside when we arrived, but that old Armstrong is cooling it right down. It's noisy when the compressor first starts, but it sure does work. I'll be thankful for that when we get to Missouri later this month.


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