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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Those @#$! Lights

We're courtesy parked at Rob & Zoe's house in Plymouth NY. The weather is abominable but the scenery in this part of central NY is lush and green. It would have been a pleasant drive down except for one annoyance: the clearance lights have failed again.

This is the exact problem we had on Thursday when I picked up the Argosy from Plattsburgh. We thought we had it fixed, and the lights worked perfectly -- for a day. Today, they don't work at all, and once again activating the lights will blow a fuse on the tow vehicle.

So tomorrow, Rob and I will be out early trying to diagnose the problem. We've talked to Colin and he's emailed a list of things to check. But honestly, this one is a mystery. There's no obvious reason for this to be occurring and of course since the problem is intermittent it's exceptionally maddening. At this point we have two leading theories: a chafed or pinched wire in one of the clearance lights or the license plate light, and corrosion in the 7-way plug. I'll be checking both tomorrow.


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