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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Painting Prep

The guys at GSM Vehicles are working on the body prep of Vintage Thunder now. As with most paint jobs, the real work is in the preparation. The paint on Vintage Thunder was so old and weak that it can rub off with hard brushing. Sanding the paint is pretty much the same thing as stripping it, in this case. Check out the picture!

You'll also notice that the rear wheel has been removed. This was to allow access to the wheelwell. You might remember that I had mentioned an outrigger that needed replacement here. Tomorrow the new outrigger will be welded in and the surrounding area will be painted and buttoned back up.

Paint prep will continue for a few days, while we wait for the truck to come in with the paint. In addition to sanding, there are a few spots that need body filler and other treatments to get the body looking good again. I'll have more pics as Colin sends them to me!


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