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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lagrange, OH

Here we are, in the new gravel driveway next to Lou and Larry's house in Lagrange, Ohio. We're courtesy parking again, and once again our hosts have rolled out the red carpet (well, in this case, new gravel) and made us feel more than welcome.

Lou and Larry were a joy to find at the end of a long day of driving. Lou had roast beef slow-cooking in the crock pot, and the whole family (adult children, grandparents, and friends) came over for tours of Vintage Thunder and a generally nice evening. Lou even had a little gift for Emma, with art supplies, and Lou's mother gave Emma a hand-painted enamel trinket box. You don't usually find courtesy parking hosts that go that far!

We got to check out Lou & Larry's cute little Argosy Minuet 6.7 Metre, and a fellow forum member (sfixx) dropped by to share information about Argosies as well (he's working on an Argosy 20 right now).

As has been the case for the past few nights, the Internet-in-Motion system has worked like a charm. Although Larry pointed out that Sprint cell phones don't work here, our system found a signal right away, and I was able to post this blog entry. The system has also worked beautifully in Watkins Glen NY, Plymouth NY, and Plattsburgh NY. I'm very impressed.

I am sad to report that Vintage Thunder suffered some paint dings from stones kicked up on the heavily-trafficked I-90 through Pennsylvania and Ohio. They are easily remedied with touch-up paint, but it was painful to see them. The largest ding is about 1/8" in diameter, and most of the others are much smaller. At least the metal beneath won't rust -- it's aluminum!

The trailer was also covered with smashed bugs. Tis the season. Larry was kind enough to lend a long-handled brush, bucket, and car wash soap (and his labor) to cleaning up Vintage Thunder this evening before dinner. Like I said, you can't expect courtesy parking hosts to do things like this ... but these are special people. That's why we courtesy park. It's not just a way to save a few bucks on campgrounds -- it's a way to make new friends.

Tomorrow Larry and I will head out to get a propane tank refilled, and then we'll head to Jackson Center! Homecoming, here we come!


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