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Monday, May 23, 2005

In the Home Stretch

The A/C cover has been repaired, and it looks pretty good considering what happened to it. GSM has also sprayed the bumper that I sanded Saturday, with clearcoat, and it looks nice too. It will go on later today or tomorrow.

This morning the guys wired up the electric brakes that came with the new axle, and adjusted them. I have to say, watching the process of axle replacement, it's not terrifically intimidating until something goes wrong. That's when the pros earn their money, removing stubborn bolts, cutting out metal, etc. Fortunately, in this case the old axles weren't too stubborn, and the new ones were no problem at all. It will be nice to be driving to Ohio with new brakes.

It looks like we will be ready to depart next weekend without much trouble. There are a lot of minor things left to do, which will take time, but for the most part the heavy lifting is done. By tomorrow I expect the belly pan to be back on, and we should have the Internet-in-Motion system installed as well. We also need to get the propane tanks back on (easy), and test all the systems. A lot of stuff has been disturbed in the past two weeks, and I wouldn't be surprised to find a few glitches.

Starting Saturday I expect to begin blogging our next adventure. We'll be stopping at the Corning Museum and Watkins Glen State Park along the route, and we'll be using courtesy parking twice. (Courtesy parking is a great way to make new friends and save money at the same time.) Then we'll report from Jackson Center, where Vintage Thunder will get the final touch of a new Zip-Dee awning, courtesy of our latest sponsor. While we are in Jackson Center, we will take the factory tour, watch the Trailer Park Troubadours play, interview some Airstream personnnel, and browse the new units. So the fun is about to begin again!


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