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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Fixed the Lights ... Next, the Leak

Well, it wasn't as hard as it could have been. Rob and I spent a couple of hours this morning playing around with the lights and we finally solved the issue. First I removed and re-wired the 7-way connector, using a spare connector that Rob had. This didn't solve the problem but it eliminated the connector as a cause.

Then we went into the house and had breakfast with everyone (scrambled eggs, sliced strawberries, muffins and maple coffee). With our brains fortified, we conferenced with Colin via phone, and came up with a methodical approach. We removed all ten clearance lights one at a time and tested by turning on the remaining ones. On the seventh one, we found the problem -- a pinched wire.

The fix was simple (electrical tape from the toolbag), and then it was just a matter of screwing all the lights back in and testing as we went to ensure there wasn't a second issue.

But we're not done yet. Last night it rained from about 5 pm to 11 pm, and about 11 we noticed water dripping from the forward Fantastic Vent -- AGAIN!

I can't believe it. Brett was up on the roof adding caulk and replacing rivets, Colin was up on the roof replacing caulk and inspecting, and the entire roof was painted and clearcoated. And STILL we have a leak somewhere. It should be impossible.

Given the tilt of the trailer last night (slightly nose high), the leak point can only be one of two places: the vent itself, or the air conditioner. All we can do is inspect again and rectify anything -- no matter how small -- that might be causing the problem. My personal guess is the air conditioner. Although it has been inspected with the cover off, and re-caulked, it may need to be removed. The odd thing is that water has never actually dripped from the air conditioner.

Well, we can't do much from the road. I may have the Airstream guys look at it in Jackson Center, or we may ignore it and hope it doesn't rain much until we get home. Depends on the weather forecast, and on whether Airstream can shoehorn us in during Homecoming. They are fully booked already, but we've got a slot for our awning to be installed so they may take a look for me then.

Now we're heading out for Watkins Glen State Park, just north of Corning. It's a beautiful day and it's supposed to be a beautiful park. Let's hope for dry weather and no more bugs along the way!

Here's a shot of Vintage Thunder parked at Rob & Zoe's house, just before we left.


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