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Friday, May 13, 2005

Body prep continues

Colin estimates that the labor time on our paint job will be in excess of 50 hours. Most of this is preparation, sanding the body, filling in minor dents, and fixing cosmetic issues on the exterior. Knowing that the entry door hinges were cracked, Brett had found a pair of replacement hinges at a salvage yard last winter. The GSM Vehicles guys removed the door and installed the new hinges today.

Other little projects like that and the rusted outrigger keep slowing down the process. With other jobs in the shop to be done, the GSM staff have begun to work overtime. Colin has hired another couple of part-time guys to cope with the load. It is starting to look a little crazy to have this trailer exterior repaired and painted, two new axles installed, and a new wireless Internet system installed, all by May 26 or so. (But this time, I'm not the guy feeling the pressure.)

The nice thing about working with the GSM guys is that they keep me in the loop. Their shop in Plattsburgh is 50 miles away, and with the ferry ride across Lake Champlain it takes me over 90 minutes to get there. Colin emails me pictures of the progress every day that they work on the trailer, and those are the pictures I'm posting here.

Already I'm beginning to envision the trailer that will come out of the shop. Take a look at this picture and imagine it with a metallic blue paint job and super bright LED clearance lights ... very cool.


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