Airstream Life Information Library

We’ve collected a few useful resources for Airstream owners in one spot. Check these PDF files for answers to commonly-asked questions.

Need to sterilize the fresh water tank and water system?  This procedure should be done every year at least. cleaning-fresh-water-tank.pdf

Need to decipher the VIN (serial number) of an Airstream made after 1980? Download this: vin.pdf

Vintage VIN decoder up to 1980: pre1980vin.pdf

Need to verify or rewire the trailer plug (sometimes called the umbilical, or pigtail)? Download the appropriate file for your trailer’s model year:

Airstream plug wiring 1982-1989: 7wayplug1982-84-1989-02.pdf

Airstream plug wiring 1985-1988: 9wayplug1985-88.pdf

Airstream plug wiring 1966-1981: 7wayplug1966-81.pdf

Airstream plug wiring 1964-1965: 7 way plug wiring diagram 1964-65

How heavy is that trailer? What’s the tongue weight? Find out here.

Airstream trailer weights from 1954 through 2002: airstream-weights.pdf

What torque should you apply to the wheel nuts? For late model trailers and motorhomes, you can tell by looking at the type of wheel you have. Download this guide: airstream-wheel-torques.pdf

1970s Airstream 31-foot Sovereigns. This article reviews 23 Sovereign sales and draws some conclusions for you to consider when shopping.

Disc brakes versus drums? This article discusses the advantages of disc brakes and the process for installing them. Published in Airstream Life, Summer 2006: airstream-life-disc-brakes-summer-2006.pdf

Wally Byam’s Gold Trailer.  An article from our Summer 2006 issue about the famous “gold trailer.”

Portable Power (generators). Published in Airstream Life, Winter 2006: airstream-life-portable-power-winter-2006.pdf