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Like A Rock

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Today’s story of things that go wrong, and how to make them not go wrong, is a study in both my customers and fellow employees. First is a simple reminder to watch where you are going, and where you put your feet.

Ronnie was installing a new air conditioner on a Land Yacht motor home, and needed some help carrying it over to the spot, and placing it on the roof where it was supposed to go. So, he got John, who seems to be our regular crash test dummy, to help with this minor chore. Things were going well, with both men each taking an end of the air conditioner, and walking back into position. Ronnie was walking forward, John backward.

Well, that is, until John didn’t see the hole the air conditioner was supposed to be placed over. John took one step backward, and, with a thin scream, disappeared from view rather abruptly, leaving Ronnie standing on the roof, holding half an air conditioner, at least for a second. Then, he, too, dropped it. Right on John’s head, like a pile driver, and driving John, like a pile, the rest of the way into the motor home.

John was only slightly injured, with scrapes and scratches all over from getting shoved down a hole he really didn’t fit in, and, of course, a large knot on top of his head. Damage to the Land Yacht was minimal, consisting of a splintered table, and needing another air conditioner. For some reason, they don’t take kindly to being dropped. So, watch where you put your feet, the table you save may be your own.

Next up, a customer showed up with a late 1970’s Airstream trailer with a strange request: They wanted a riser installed under their full-height toilet. I drew this customer, and was scratching my head as to why they wanted this, since the customers were not that tall. I found out why when I began removing the toilet. It seems the floor had rotted out around the toilet, and it had dropped below floor level. The customer wanted the riser so the toilet would sit at the correct level, directly on top of the black tank. After explaining to them this would likely only work once, and briefly, before they and their toilet joined the contents of their black tank inside said tank, they decided it would be a good idea to repair the floor instead.

Whew. Sometimes people are too clever for their own good, and when their cleverness exceeds their smarts, things can turn out badly.

Next time, I’ll tell you what happened when a customer decided to haul gravel in his travel trailer…

About the Author

Lug Wrench is a long-time mechanic, multiple Airstream owner, and dyed-in-the-wool pragmatist. All tales guaranteed 100% true, although names and certain details may be altered to protect the guilty.