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To Kill An Airstream

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013


Atticus Finch said in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, “You never really understand a person… until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”   This is what came to mind when I went down to the shop last week and saw the Caravel.  Brian walked around in it- and now everything inside it’s skin is gone.

Because it still feels like 500 degrees in Arizona and Grandma is still in the yard, we haven’t planned any camping trips.  Brian thought this was a good chance to pull the Caravel into the shop and have a real close look at everything. When we first bought my neighbor’s trailer, we were so excited just to have a trailer that was campable. We took off as often as we could, band-aiding things as we went. But now using his forensic mechanic’s eye, Brian walked around and started to see all sorts of “issues” that need to be dealt with. The Safari and the Caravel are now gutted.

The list starts out like this: the floor is rotted under the hot water heater, the axle is toast, the frame needs serious attention, there is very creative wiring going on in the closet and several other places, there is no gray tank, the gaucho doesn’t work, the cabinet latches don’t work, there is leaky this and leaky that, and a pack rat has made his home in the belly pan. Brian’s solution to the “issues” was to kill the Airstream and give it a new life. Even the water stained green curtains with pink flamingos are all gone.

We had barely given her a name, (Goldie acquired in Gold Canyon)– and now she’s half gone.  I was standing in the shop, staring at two tin carcasses sitting side by side and I wanted to cry.

To make me feel better, Brian asked me to tag along to the AWFS show in Las Vegas that he attends every year for his business. It’s an international trade show for the woodworking industry, and I soon found out that it’s also a candy store for someone with two gutted trailers.

We looked at all sorts of supplies that lend themselves beautifully to an Airstream. We checked out building materials that are extremely lightweight and products that curve. We saw all the newest LED lighting kits and media mounting systems. We poured over the latest in cabinet hinges, pulls, and organization components.  We looked at flooring, counter top surfaces, back splashes, etc.  The show was loaded with great ideas.

After my shopping trip this weekend, I am much less distraught about having a pair of dead trailers.  I can picture the end, and I have become very excited about all the cool stuff that we can use to put them back together. Now Brian is the only one that is stressed about the gutted trailers. He knows how much damage I can do to a check book.

Thank you Atticus.





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