Airstream Karma

Chapter 10: Ever since we named Elvis, there’s been a nagging feeling in the back of my mind about disturbing the trailer’s Karma. Especially now that Brian is starting to put him back together and we can spend time camping,  I want to make sure that Elvis has a harmonious atmosphere.

I have a good friend that came to my former business and burned sage. She said it would help get rid of any bad Karma. I have another friend that recently hired a clairvoyant to come to her kids’ house and persuade the ghost living there to leave. I have a third friend that held a séance to speak to a ghost, and ask him if he would persuade the other ghosts to leave— I guess it was some sort of metaphysical chain of command.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, Brenda- you have a lot of strange friends. I know-right? Actually, they are all very dear people. They just want to have good Karma, less a few ghosts. Is there anything wrong with that? People sometimes do strange things to find peace and balance. The likes of Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins would be out of business if they didn’t. How many times have you heard of perfectly sane people walking barefoot across fire? A little sage burning sounds a lot more rational to me.

I remember a book that one of my friends gave to me on numerology. She gifted it to me right after I bought a new house. The book instructs you to add up the numbers in the house’s street address, and then it gives you enlightening information based on its number. My new home was a 1. The numerology principles say that houses with the number 1 are places of new beginnings. They inspire independence and ambition. I had to admit that this house was perfect for me at the time….

So I look up Elvis’ serial number- it’s the closest thing I have to an address for him. The numbers in it are 2+2+0+7+4+8. Reduced to a single digit, Elvis is a 5. The numerology book says that houses with the number 5 are solid and need little maintenance. Elvis needs a total transformation after 50 years, but I rationalize that Airstreams are definitely built very solid. The book also says that number 5 houses are busy and exciting places to live. They are lively and attract a lot of visitors. This is good news since I intend to make a lot of new friends at Alumafandango.

Next, I look into Feng Shui. When you Google, Feng Shui, there are over 52 million results. I click on an article called, “The ABC’s of Feng Shui”, hoping to get the Cliff Notes. Instead, I find an entire Feng Shui glossary. It also says I need a Feng Shui compass. I’m starting to feel the onset of information overload, but I owe it to Elvis to persevere. I don’t want his Chi messed up.

So I plow through several more websites. I find that you need to balance the five elements of wood, fire, earth, water and metal. Elvis has a lot of metal. We are going to have to work around that. Another important principle of Feng Shui is noting the position of your house, specifically which direction your front door is facing, and where the various rooms in your house are located. I would imagine when camping, one might strategically position their trailer based on the best direction for their solar panels or their satellite dish. But, how do I convince Brian that our trailer bed needs to always face southwest because it’s best for our love life? I won’t need to fear a cosmic curse, because he will shoot me first.

Finally, at the end of this day of research, I’ve learned that having good trailer Karma is something that I can certainly work on, but I can’t completely control. Divine intervention will always have the upper hand. Brian intervention matters too. What I can do, is try to manifest my own destiny by getting out of my house and into the Airstream. An adventurous life is out there waiting on the road. It is filled with both excitement and peace, and probably a lot less ghosts.

It’s too bad that I don’t know the exact day in 1962 that Elvis was born. Then I could follow his Horoscope. I really hope he’s not a fire sign though. Brian and I are both water signs and we wouldn’t be compatible.

About the Author

After searching for the perfect travel trailer to make camping experiences more enjoyable, I discovered the world of Airstreams. I’m not only learning a lot about Airstreams, but I’m learning a lot about myself, my relationships, and how an aluminum trailer added into the mix can change your life.