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Saturday, October 30th, 2010

This is that time of year when I put my Airstreams up on jack stands for the winter. Weather permitting, it is also when I work on them. Our autumn here has been a wonderful Indian summer and so I’ve started a somewhat involved project on the Globe Trotter.

I’m transforming the gaucho in the front to a dinette, and on the street side turning, what was a temporary bench, into a gaucho. I do not know how or why gaucho became the term for this piece of furniture, when it seems more appropriate to call it a daybed or “Western” futon, but in common RV parlance, it is “gaucho.”

I hope to maintain the look and feel of the original furniture, I’m adapting pieces I’ve saved for the last five years to do this. I’ll post pictures of my progress. In the meantime, here is the floorplan as it has evolved since 2001.

Original FP
This original “Twin Bed” floorplan was quite busy, consisting of three gauchos.
The gaucho by the door actually expanded by width and length. When extended it partially blocked the door. Neither gaucho in the dinette area was a full 6′ in length either, only the streetside amidships.

In addition, the original bath was too small for us to use comfortably and was the primary reason for the redesign. Sometimes though, I wish I hadn’t molested it.

Current FP
This is the current floorplan. The bath is larger and altogether it is much simplified with the idea of accomodating just two adults.
Future FP
This future floorplan is similar to the original, but the dinette makes into a full bed. The streetside gaucho makes into a bed that is as wide as a twin bed, but that is only 5′ 2″ – just right for grandchildren.

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