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Timeless Art

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Timeless marqueRecently, I was able to take a tour of Timeless Travel Trailers in Wheat Ridge, CO. Timeless is one of only a few custom builders allowed to purchase empty unfinished trailers direct from Airstream. This is recognition of the excellent work they do creating custom Airstreams for moneyed clients. Some of Timeless’ creations cost upward of $300,000 or more.

Timeless will do smaller jobs though and they don’t thumb their nose at us poorer folk. It is a full-service shop that does everything from “winterizing, painting, or polishing to complete redesign, re-engineering and rebuilding.”

In fact, when I moved into a condo I had to give up my 1966 27’ Overlander project. By then it was a “basket case” though. By that I mean it was thoroughly disassembled. Yet, Brett Hall, one of the Timeless owners, purchased it solely on speculation, hoping to sell it later to a client. That was a little over a year ago and it is still parked tightly in a corner of their back lot. Brett told me though that he is in discussion with a customer in New Zealand who wants just that size Airstream as a concession stand. Imagine, this trailer started out its life in Ohio, went to Canada, then to Maine, and now Colorado. That it may end up in New Zealand leaves me dumbfounded. Brett thinks it would be the only Airstream in that country!

‘66 Overlander
My old ’66 Overlander sits in the back lot waiting for a new buyer.

Timeless helped me out and hopefully it will work out for them.

There were several trailers in various stages of development. Some of the owners are celebrities and require Timeless to maintain confidentiality. So, Brett couldn’t tell us much about them. One in particular though was being re-engineered to the cutting edge of what can be done to an Airstream. A lot of these customized requests from customers add a lot of weight and such was the case with this one. As a result the chassis had to be doubled.

What I found most interesting were the power windows that Timeless was engineering from scratch. None of the windows were stock and some will be genuine stained glass and all are shaped either as circles, ovals, or a fixed crescent moon. This isn’t just good craftsmanship. It raises the bar and Airstream is now what might be call functional art.

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