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A Wrapped Airstream

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

The neat thing about an Airstream trailer is that it is a fun attraction all by itself. You don’t even need to go camping in it to have a good time. I think that is why they are used as cabanas, offices, and for promotion purposes.

Yesterday, Patrice and I, for the first time ever, took the RTD light rail train from a station near our condo to Larimer Square in downtown Denver. BTW, the station (called Nine Mile) is bicycling distance from the camp ground Rich and his family usually stay at, Cherry Creek State Park – just another reason to camp there with an Airstream when visiting Denver.

Anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves. Going by train only took slightly longer than driving. Our Suburban is our only automobile now and it gets maybe 10 mpg (on a good day). Round trip is around 30 miles, so we would have used 3 gallons of gas or about $14. Parking would have been $10. The light rail and connecting mall bus was $12, so we saved $12! We saw Denver in a way that we’ve never been able to before, and we’ve both lived here nearly all our lives.

The reason we made the trip though, was that there was an Airstream trailer being used to promote one of our favorite TV shows, Pushing Daisies. The promotion company had the Airstream wrapped from top to bottom and end to end with a great vinyl graphic to mimic the restaurant where much of the action takes place in the show. The restaurant is a pie store called the Pie Hole. The entire concept of the show is cute and quirky, just a lot of fun. If you’ve never seen it you ought to. The season premier is Oct. 1. The show has a bunch of Emmy nominations and will win at least two or more.

But again, we went to get a closer look at the wrapped Airstream. Okay, we also went for the free pie the promotion was giving away. If it’s free, it’s for me!

It’s all a part of the great Airstream community. The weather was perfect (Is there any other kind of weather in Colorado?). We went just for the fun of it, and made it a day. Some of you might still be able to see the Pie Hole wrapped Airstream. Its next stop is in Dallas (9/20). After that it will be in Chicago (9/24), Philadelphia (9/26), and NYC (9/29). See for more details.

The Pie Hole
This is a 2008 28′ Airstream Safari SE totally wrapped in vinyl graphic to depict the Pie Hole restaurant as seen in Pushing Daisies.

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