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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
Home Before the Snow

I took this photo of our ’85 Suburban and Excella from our third floor balcony.

A few days ago Patrice and I bought our third Airstream. We still have our first Airstream, a 1966 Globe Trotter, but our second Airstream, a 1966 Overlander, we sold to Timeless Travel Trailers, Wheatridge, CO. After Patrice’s stroke I just didn’t have the time or energy to finish its overhaul and had to let go of it. This third Airstream is a 1986 32′ Excella (though the manufacturer’s plate shows that it was built in 1985). We bought it from our good friend, Patti Reed.

Bringing home a new trailer is always an adventure, but this one went smoothly. That is, until we got it to our daughter’s house. She has been gracious enough to let us build an RV pad on the east side of her house. Little did she know that we were going to turn it into an Airstream RV park – poor girl!

The problem I ran into was that the incline of the driveway and decline of the street created an angle at the curb that caused the Excella’s tail to bottom out. We left it parked at the curb for the night, and then went back the next morning with some ideas. I bought a different hitch bar that let me lower the hook-up, and left the equalizer bars off. That made our ’85 Suburban sag in the rear quite a bit, but in lowering the front the Excella’s tail was raised nearly a foot.

Another good friend, Bill Payne, came over to help guide me in, and he also brought some heavy boards to make a small ramp to keep from getting hung up at the curb. With all that preparation I backed into the narrow driveway in more or less one try. SUCCESS! I’m so relieved to have it parked.

I wasn’t sure it could be done and was sweating bullets looking for an RV storage facility on short notice. The only vacancy I found on this side of Denver was a muddy field bordering I-70 next to an undesirable neighborhood.

Anyhow, my next project is to build a ramp so that I can get the Excella out and back in without so much bother.

Martini fabric designs, shaker and martini glasses are part of the decor.
dsc00519.jpgSome of you, especially California folks, may know Pattie’s trailer as the Martini Trailer (Though in keeping with the tradition of naming trailers after a previous owner my wife is now calling the Excella P.T.). It’s decorated throughout with drapes that have a martini design. Ironically, Patti isn’t a martini drinker (neither are we). For a sophisticated New Yorker she’s a real down to earth kind of gal. She even prefers a California wine known as Two-Buck Chuck. I’m not sure what label that is, but it’s a step above what I drink. At least her wine is bottled, whereas mine always comes in a box!

Now I know that some of you may be wondering why I didn’t get another vintage trailer, but I’m looking aheadĀ – in just two years both the Suburban and Excella will be 25 years old and be vintage. In the meantime we will have a rig that better suits our current needs.

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