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Snuggling In

Sunday, December 1st, 2013
Living the Airstream life.

Nothing like a warm airstream on a cold morning.

I remember tent camping.  Something about waking up in a sleeping bag on a chilly morning made me feel more alive.  Brisk air on the skin is invigorating.  Yet I don’t think I ever tent camped when the temp was below freezing.

Last night the temp was below freezing.

Today I revel in the comforts of our Airstream.  There is something about waking up toasty when it is cold outside that makes me feel more blessed. Warm air on the skin is cozy. Especially when the temp outside is below freezing!




In Good Safety

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Watching Fred back into our driveway I reflect on all the times I’ve watched him park an Airstream.  I still marvel at his skill.  But then, he has been towing an Airstream for a long time.

We were in Quebec City several years ago.  The campground owner stood with me to watch Fred back into a tight site tucked in the trees.  I could tell the owner was a bit concerned about the challenge of this particular place to park.  As he watched Fred slip right into the site he turned to me with a smile and said, “You’re in good safety.”

Well once again Fred’s driving kept us in good safety, this time for over 9600 miles.  Whoo hoo!

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

BLOG IMG_3499Red peppers hang in a cluster from a post where we register our status as visitors at Taos Pueblo. Heading down the dirt road we make our way to the San Geronimo Church courtyard where we will meet our tour guide. Ancient adobe buildings line the streets.

This is our third pueblo visit in the Southwest. While similarities exist with Zuni Pueblo (Arizona) and Acoma Sky City Pueblo (New Mexico) each pueblo has its own unique persona. Each makes us glad we visited.

Taos Pueblo sits just outside the northern edge of the town of Taos, New Mexico. In 1992 Taos Pueblo was recognized by UNESCO as the first settlement to be named to the Living World Heritage Site list. According to our guide, Taos Pueblo has been here about 1000 years.

After a short tour we are allowed to roam around on our own. Taos provides our first chance to wander in and out of pueblo adobe buildings looking at the crafts and wares of the locals. Standing on dirt floors packed hard by the years we appreciate the corner fire places that draw the chill from the fall air.

Clear water moves over stones through the middle of town. This, the Red Willow Creek, is the community’s only source of water. Running water and electricity are not allowed. A wooden foot-bridge over the creek connects the North Side of town with the South Side.

Colorful entry doors of blue, teal and pink spice up monochrome walls. Adobe stands three stories high in places and is further highlighted by the deep blue sky. The craftsmanship of the native people is impressive and we spend time chatting with the locals when the opportunity arises. They talk freely about their traditional arts but traditional beliefs are closely kept and guarded within the village walls.

The flavor of the place is rich but no less so than the flavor of their homemade bread. A young man standing at a simple table espouses the bread’s many uses and I fall prey. A round loaf baked in the traditional outdoor oven (a Horno) makes its way home with us for dinner. Funny how that happened. Just living the Airstream Life.

Silver City Albuquerque Style

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Having friends all over the place is one of the advantages of being active in the Airstream community. There is definitely a spirit of unity among Airstreamers and you never know who might show up at a big rally. With 200 Airstreams at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, it was a perfect place to connect and reconnect with Airstream friends.

We were happy to reconnect with my fellow “Airstream Life” blogger Forrest McClure and his wife Patrice. They had returned to the Balloon Fiesta to share its magic with their two grandsons. Judy and Ken Bechthold were also there from California which was nice since we had not seen them for several years.

Our friends Kate and Don Tyminski showed up from the coast of South
Carolina. Participants of two WBCCI caravans attended the rally and included old friends as well as new. We got to meet people like Ken Johansen and Phil Glassey who we had talked with on the phone but not previously met in person.

And then there was the Good Samaritan, our next door neighbor Charlie Wright. For a variety of reasons we showed up at the rally without a generator. It did not take us long to realize that even with conserving power, coming without a generator was a mistake. Charlie plugged us into his generator which helped keep our trailer batteries charged enough so we could turn on some light and power a morning shot of central heat. We never met Charlie before but his willingness to help a neighbor out sure made our four days of dry camping nicer.

You probably don’t know these people. You may be wondering why I’m writing about them in this blog. I include them because they serve as an example of the advantages of being involved in the Airstream community. In addition to travel and camping experiences, getting involved with the Airstream community is about connecting with good people who share a common interest.

I have an article that will be coming out soon in the print edition of Airstream Life magazine that talks more about ways to get involved in the Airstream Community. I hope you will find it helpful. Happy Airstreaming!

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My favorite balloons. I call this view "Bee Hinds."

My favorite balloons. I call this view “Bee Hinds.”

Bee balloons

Bee balloons

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