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Snuggling In

Sunday, December 1st, 2013
Living the Airstream life.

Nothing like a warm airstream on a cold morning.

I remember tent camping.  Something about waking up in a sleeping bag on a chilly morning made me feel more alive.  Brisk air on the skin is invigorating.  Yet I don’t think I ever tent camped when the temp was below freezing.

Last night the temp was below freezing.

Today I revel in the comforts of our Airstream.  There is something about waking up toasty when it is cold outside that makes me feel more blessed. Warm air on the skin is cozy. Especially when the temp outside is below freezing!




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I'm Renee Ettline. For twenty-something years my husband Fred and I have been Airstreamers. Since 2005 I've been writing for Airstream Life magazine on every topic from destinations and lifestyle to rivets and tires. Currently you'll find me in a section called, "Living the Life." We've Airstreamed from Alaska to Florida and California to Nova Scotia and loved every minute.