The Grass

Touring the Southwest has been a blast. We are now slowly working our way back home to the East.  Katie, our dog who is accustomed to a grass yard back home has actually done a pretty good job of adapting to the dirt, sand, and gravel surfaces of the west.  The monstrous sand spurs have given her a bit of a challenge, but all in all she seemed not to care about the less friendly ground.  After all, interesting smellsimage are everywhere.

Oklahoma City offered our first campground in over a couple of months with a richly grassed lawn.  Despite her apparent adaptability it was pretty obvious Katie was happy to be out of the desert.  I’ll simply let her photo speak for itself.

About the Author

I'm Renee Ettline. For twenty-something years my husband Fred and I have been Airstreamers. Since 2005 I've been writing for Airstream Life magazine on every topic from destinations and lifestyle to rivets and tires. Currently you'll find me in a section called, "Living the Life." We've Airstreamed from Alaska to Florida and California to Nova Scotia and loved every minute.