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  • Polishing Grinds To A Halt

    [caption id="attachment_440" align="alignleft" width="225"] First they ground up the old and now they're laying new asphalt.[/caption] No sooner did I start making progress polishing away oxidation, than I had to stop. Road crews began g...

  • Notes from the mid-west

    After writing the previous blog extolling the virtues of slower travel through the Plains states, I felt obliged to get off I-70 as soon as feasible and explore other routes through Kansas.  We dropped south to parallel routes and spent ou...

  • Copper Galore

    The approach to Houghton, MI., along the Portage Lake Channel is attractive, not breathtaking. However, the anticipation of a week on the shore of the Keweenaw peninsula is pure oxygen. HQ of the copper boom lasting a century from 1845-1...

  • Airstream TimeClock

    Time management has never been an issue in our professional lives, however, finding time in our personal lives for Airstreaming has become a serious challenge. There never is any. A year has passed since we gutted the poor Caravel a...

  • Happy in sunny San Diego

    Our Airstream Safari trailer is happy as a clam after getting the salt deposits washed off upon returning to home base after basking on the bluffs of South Carlsbad State Beach for 5 days.  The big, annual wash and wax job will take place ...

  • Snuggling In

    [caption id="attachment_259" align="alignleft" width="300"] Nothing like a warm airstream on a cold morning.[/caption] I remember tent camping.  Something about waking up in a sleeping bag on a chilly morning made me feel more alive.  ...

  • "Cleans Like a Blue Volcano"

    Hello, again. This time around, we have a further cautionary tale about chemical interactions. Sometimes, things that are completely safe, and labeled as such, can still create a mess if mixed with other completely safe things. For exampl...

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