Ride-Along Program

Slide into the front seat of Airstream Life and get noticed!

Leap directly into your customers’ hands through our Ride-Along program, one of the most creative, cost-effective and high-impact marketing mediums available today. We can offer a special low rate for the inclusion of a single, high-impact advertisement, such as a product sample or multimedia CD, inside the polybag that carries the magazine.

Burst through the clutter and deliver a unique brand experience.

Why compete for your customers’ attention when you can seize it? Ride-Along advertisements deliver a memorable message that can’t be missed.

Grab your customers’ attention. Your Ride-Along piece will be one of the first things your customers see as they open their mailboxes.

Make your message stand out. Send a product sample, a multimedia piece and much more.

Enhance the value of your message. Your customers will associate the high esteem they hold for Airstream Life with your Ride-Along piece.

Stand out and get results with the Ride-Along program.

The Ride-Along program makes it easy for you to achieve maximum impact for your advertising dollars.

Get noticed first. Postal Service standards allow only one Ride-Along piece at the Ride-Along rate per issue, so your advertisement takes the front seat.

Add new dimension to your message. Here’s your chance to turn flat print advertising into something more tangible. Include anything from multimedia CDs to catalogs to product samples.

Send just about anything. The options are countless, as long as the Ride-Along piece weighs less than 3.3 oz., and does not cover the publication title or customer address.

The Ride-Along program makes you the navigator in the front seat straight to your target!

“One of the best ways to involve readers is through ‘interactivity,’ that is, eliciting some sort of physical action from the reader. Our data suggests that such interaction, all other things being equal, often earns above-average readership scores, and in a number of cases, the scores have been extraordinary!” Donna Kavanagh, Account Director, Roper ASW.

You have questions, we have answers.

Q: Can I send product samples as Ride-Along pieces?

Answer. Yes. Samples are a great way to encourage customer interaction with your product. Be it high-impact multimedia software, like a CD-ROM or diskette, or samples of RV supplies, cosmetics, food or catalogs, you are enhancing the customer’s likelihood to see, try and ultimately buy your product.

Q: How is the Ride-Along piece attached?

Answer. You can attach a Ride-Along piece to the outside of Airstream Life, insert it within the publication or enclose it within the polyvinyl bag that contains the Ride-Along piece and the publication.

Q: Can I use a Ride-Along piece with international publications?

Answer. No. The Ride-Along program is restricted to mail delivered within the United States.

To get more information or rates call Brett Greiveldinger at 802-877-2900 Ext 2